We can handle Your goods ...

     Your goods are in good hands.

Warehouse in Szczecin is over 1000 m2 for Your disposal with full service, insurance ,storage systems .

  • Long-term storage 

  • Short-term /Emergency storage 

  • Goods confection

  • Goods Packaging

  • Distribution

Hazardous Materials DGR

     We specialize in handling and transport of hazardous materials .

     We have valid certificates for handling and shipping all of type of product.

  • Documentation

  • Packing

  • Shipping

  • Consulting

  • 24-hour Emergency Phone Number for our customers


     We advise and support companies in all areas and processes along the supply chain. To this end we analyse production processes, material flows and warehouse management.

    We provide consulting services in the field of hazardous materials also.

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